Contacting the hall

To contact the hall, ring the Bookings Clerk on 07584 759372 or email .

To book the hall:

Step 1 – Check availability

To find out whether the Hall is available for the date and time you are looking for please contact the Bookings Clerk on 07584 759372 or email You can also use the Whats On page on this site to gain some idea of general availability but note that it does not show all bookings

Step 2 – Complete the forms

Below are links to the forms and appendices that make up the Hiring Agreement for Great Addington Memorial Hall. They are based on information from ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) and are designed to meet current legislation, and fully protect you as hirers of the facility, and the Committee managing the facility on behalf of the charity. As such, they are written as very formal documents; please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to clarify any of the clauses and conditions.

Step 3 – Receive confirmation of booking

Once your forms have been received, you will receive confirmation of your booking. If you provide us with an email address on your booking form, we will email this to you.

Step 4 – Pay balance of money

Finally, please send us the booking fee at least 14 days in advance of your hire date (or 4 weeks before if you wish to sell alcohol), and we will then confirm details regarding key collection.

The Forms

The Booking Form (Hire Agreement Part A).

Please complete the form and send it back to the address shown. See also see the Appendices below for conditions.

If you plan to sell alcohol

If you plan to sell alcohol (Hire Agreement Part B) – an application form for approval to apply to East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) for a Temporary Event Notice.

The Premises Licence held by Great Addington Memorial Hall only covers the sale of alcohol at events which are a) organised by regular community user groups or by the Committee, and b) supervised by a Committee member. For any other event where alcohol is sold on the premises a Temporary Event Notice is needed. As only a limited number of Temporary Event Notices can be issued each year, you need to gain approval from the hall Committee before you apply to ENC. Therefore, if you would like to sell alcohol at your event, please complete the Hire Agreement Part B form and return it along with the Hiring Agreement Part A form at least four weeks before the event is due to take place. The four week period is necessary because after we have approved the request you will need to complete the Temporary Event Notice form and send it directly to ENC to arrive at least two weeks before the event.


Hiring Agreement Appendix 1 – the standard conditions of hire that apply each time the hall is booked. Please read and retain for your information.

Hiring Agreement Appendix 2 – the special conditions of hire required to comply with the Premises Licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003. These conditions apply to all events at which regulated entertainment or the sale of alcohol takes place and form part of the Hiring Agreement in these instances. Please read and retain for your information.

Hiring Agreement Appendix 3 – health and safety information sheet. Please print and keep this information to hand during your event. A copy is displayed on the premises.

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